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There is a fresh review of Saroos ... check it out

__What's Krach und Klang?*


Initially I started this side to create a place for releasing my music. At the same time it ought be a place for discussions about music and a society, which is ruled by strange things like property, copyrights and exploitation. I'm very magnetised by the art of sampling - but "Krach und Klang" is meant to be an open space for all kinds of experimental music ok, let's see how things develop. Oh, besides all that i want to change the world, together with other nice people. This site is available in english and german. If you have a webside and want to link this one, you can use this new Krach und Klang banner.

*Krach und Klang" means something like "noise and sound".

__Something about the sections


The Projects section informs about actual projects I'm working on. You also can read reviews about records i like or hate. On "somethin' to say" you will find articles about sampling, music industry, copyrights and stuff like that. Likely I will comment political developments which annoy me. Beside compositions and other crazy things, sound pieces will appear at the download area from time to time. It's unearthed material from sources like radio, tv or scrap records. The link section contains a meagre selection of natty websides that I find interesting of any reasons. If you want to get rid of requests, compliments, critique, outbursts etc., visit the contact page. Of course you can use the image map over there to travel to the sections or change language (english or german).

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